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Bitter-Sweet | Video art program

September 18, 2019

Muzeum Sztuki of Lodz, Poland

Concept & curatorship: Dr. Liliana Orbach 

A video art program composed by 15 works of wide variety of genres, made by 17 artists who live and/work in the Tel Aviv area.The project, curated by Dr. Liliana Orbach, was premiered at ms2-Muzeum Sztuki of Łódź in Poland, as part of an invitation by Galeria Wschodnia in connection with the 25th anniversary of Łódź and Tel Aviv sister city partnership and sponsored by the City of Łódź municipality.

Beyond words | International multidisciplinary art event

September 2-8, 2018

Artspace Tel Aviv

Concept, curatorship & production: Dr. Liliana Orbach 


With the development of the means of communication in its many forms, the transmission of explicit, as well as subliminal messages within the artistic practice has become increasingly sophisticated and complex, becoming a topic of relevance and worthy of consideration.

Beyond Words focuses on the points of contact between the verbal and the visual field of expression. Beyond Words reveals the ways in which creators from different backgrounds and languages measure the degree of effectiveness of the transmitted content, by combining / transforming / omitting words, using sounds / gestures / actions.

The event counts with an international list of more than 100 participants, providing a platform for a wide range of interpretations.

The program includes a symposium, video screenings, performances, workshops and meetings between artists, curators and local audiences.

Beyond Words is sponsored by Artspace Tel Aviv, the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other supporters of our guests arriving from abroad are: The Polish Institute-Tel Aviv, The Adam Mickiewicz Institute - Poland, The Italian Institute-Tel Aviv, The Blank Contemporary Art-Bergamo, Italy, Minicultura-Gobierno of Colombia, The Ministry of Culture of Pereira, The Mayor of Pereira and The Museum of Art - Pereira, Colombia.

Photo credit - Meirav Kadichevski & Liliana Orbach

7 Minutes of Fame - ArtSpace TLV

December 30th, 2017 / In the frame of “Loving art. Making art” weekend 

A special event in which a sequence of creators were invited to talk, present, screen, perform, during 7 minutes each. 

Participant artists:

Avner Amir / Gal Breier / Shai Breier / Hagite Cohen / Maya Dunsky / Bat El Elfasi / Rotem Gerstel / Felice Hapetzeder / Michal Hermon / Hagai Izenberg / Shir Leib / Oren Levi / Michael Liani / Daniella Orlev / Yael Peri / Alicia Shahaf / Belle Shafir / Ynin Shillo / Gil Zablodovsky  


Curator and producer - Liliana Orbach


7 Minutes of Fame - Hagai Izenberg

7 Minutes of Fame - Hagai Izenberg

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Photo credit - Meirav Kadichevski

Time is Love / Liaisons - event at the ArtSpace TLV

Time is Love.10 - Selected video works

An international program composed by a wide variety of video works, which was established in 2008 by Togolese-French curator Kisito Assangni. The program has travelled worldwide since its creation, bringing year after year, a new version of innovative video art. The selection of works from TIME is Love’s tenth edition deals with themes that relate to globalism, communication and feelings, among other topics. Within all, the subject of love is dealt beyond geographic boundaries and far from utopian idealisms or common clichés. TIME is Love.10 was recently screened at ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany, and this is its first presentation in Israel.

Liaisons - Video. Performance. Installation

A project created by Israeli artist/curator Liliana Orbach, which includes works by Israeli artists, focusing on different aspects within the human relationships through the use of word, sound, action, movement, gesture, narrative.

Salon Talks 2016 / # 6. Artspace Tel Aviv

Meeting with Lior Herchkovitz

For over more than a decade Lior Herchkovitz has approached a variety of subject matters, but their essence has kept similar. Whether his themes are presented as series oras independent pieces, he works with the clear intention of examining the complexity of the human condition, the man's interference with nature and the vulnerability of mankind. 


Salon Talks 2016 / # 5. Artspace Tel Aviv

Meeting with Tal Hafner & Tova Golan

Tal Hafner investigates performative practices through which she links her sensory experience with the visual experience of the viewer. Using the medium of photography, video and installation, Tal strives to deliver to her viewers a multi-sensory and also physical experience. 

Tova Golan explains about her performance: “Rachel Shor was an actress, acting teacher and an Israeli poet and writer, but above all, she was my friend and beloved teacher. We had conversations that took place a week before she passed away, and this chapter is dedicated to her.”


VideoscopE 2016 / # 3. Artspace Tel Aviv

Meeting with Ayala Netzer

Ayala explains about her talk: “Ever since I was a child, art allowed me to break out of my own inhibitions, and to examine those of society. For me, as a very shy and socially rejected girl, talking was very difficult and therefore art served as my main communication tool. From my early work during my studies, I tend to do works that deal with the subject of shame: What can you expose? How much can I expose? What do I gain from all of this exposure?”

Salon Talks 2016 / # 4. Artspace Tel Aviv

Meeting with Aya Eliav & Ofir feldman

A live performance and a TV show that was created in the spirit of reality shows such as X-Factor and American Idol, to find the next performance art star. Eliav and Feldman reenact in this show several iconic performances of artists such as Marina Abramović and Yoko Ono, while they themselves are subjects of the competitive format they had created.

The project creates a critical interactive space that raises doubts and questions regarding the roll of the artist, the art curator and the public in the era of reality TV. 

VideoscopE 2016 / # 2. Artspace Tel Aviv

Meeting with Gili Noyman

Gili Noyman presents her experimental project of urban video works. The videos study people and their daily routine in public spaces. They are expanding the boundaries of conventional observation by showing reality from abstract and poetic perspectives. 

Yoav writes about his project: “Serene Oasis” is a photography project I started in the fall of 2014. The name for this project comes from the literal English translation for “Neve Sha’anan," a small, poor neighborhood located in the Southeast part of Tel Aviv, which is home for tens of thousands of African, Asian, Eastern Europeans and Israelis. This large format, black and white photograph series, not only concern the neighborhood, but also put emphasis on the people of this area.״ 

Salon Talks 2016 / # 3. Artspace Tel Aviv

Meeting with Yoav Horesh 

VideoscopE 2016 / # 1. Artspace Tel Aviv

Meeting with Keren Zaltz 

Keren Zaltz's works deal with this tension through the disassembling and reassembling of materials from popular culture and the history of photography and film.

Crossing the Blue/Live is a site specific performance/intervention/workshop by interdisciplinary artist םlga הanoncini, which connects artistic research, theoretical research, aesthetics, philosophy, cosmology, language, writing, literature, performance, experiment and more in a cross-disciplinary approach. 


Salon Talks 2016 / # 2. Artspace Tel Aviv

Meeting with Olga Vanoncini 

Salon Talks 2016 / # 1. Artspace Tel Aviv

Meeting with Iddo Gruengard

Ido explores power relations in space using mixed media performances, which are built from layers of realistic and imaginary domains.